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Grandma Sue's Basement

Levi's - 514 Red Corduroy Pants

Levi's - 514 Red Corduroy Pants

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One of the more unique pair of pants from the night, these things are in perfect condition and have an extremely comfortable feel to them. 
  • Waist: 36"
  • Inseam: 33"
  • Full Length: 44"
  • Original Size: 36x34


Vintage and thrifted items sometimes contain small flaws, an example would be a small pinhole or faint stains.  Any major flaws will be stated and pictured!


Measurements are all accurate within a ½ Inch and "Fits Like" sizes are unisex! They are suggestions based on the Waist and inseam measurements of the item, be sure to double check the measurements yourself!

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