Our Story

Welcome to Grandma Sue's Basement! Or as we like to call it GSB Thrifting!

The opening of our website, and our first drop of clothing items is 9:00 am on June 2nd. For the following week after I will be dropping 20 new clothing items a day for the next week. We will be adding more products including; Pullovers, Windbreakers, Jeans, Dresses, Skirts, Winter Jackets, crop tops, shorts, and more! We will be setting up some giveaways and ways to get discounts for our new customers. 

The Plan: Our goal here is simple, give you access to thrifted clothes without breaking the bank. 

We know everyone loves thrifting and saving the environment at the same time, but we also know not everyone has time to do that. Our goal is to eliminate the amount of clothes ending up in landfills. While at the same time slowing down the amount of new clothes purchased everyday. We won't have crazy mark ups like a lot of vintage sellers, allowing you to shop and not have to spend $150 on a single shirt.

Who we are?

Our names are Jake and Jada and we decided about half a year ago that we wanted to make a difference while doing something we love. Then it hit us, we noticed the amount of new clothes everyone was buying, everyday. It made us start to think about the amount of clothes that go to waste in the world because everyone wants the new shiny thing. So why not make thrifted stuff shiny? Both of us had grown up at thrift sales and garage sales with our grandmas, it was one of our favorite things, and it was something we had gotten good at. So we decided to go all in on thrifting. Both of us also had a grandma named Sue which led us to the name Grandma Sues Basement (GSB Thrifting). Jake lost his Grandma Sue at the start of 2020, but still see's his Grandma Janie weekly. Jada still see's here Grandma Sue all the time. We are so thankful for all of the things that they have taught us over our lives. This one's for you Grandma!